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How to not get the black death from nasty poker chips
I just came across this post in a poker forum on casino poker chips. How to not get the black death from nasty poker chips?    Any suggestions?

Response from Wizard 50Re: How to not get the black death from nasty poker chips

this weekend I was playing when an old guy behind me started coughing which turned into vomiting into his hands. I felt bad as he walked toward the door. Then the nastiest thing I've ever witnessed in a poker room happened.

Instead of leaving the poker room to go to the restroom, he walks to the trash can by the door, shakes the old-man-vomit off his hands, then promptly walks back to his table, sits down, and wipes his hands off with a napkin in time to get his next hand. Soon after I was the one wanting to vomit... That said I still eat at the table, but I do frequently wash my hands because I like to take breaks and have a smoke or just get away from the table.

Response from PayToSeeRe: How to not get the black death from nasty poker chips

I disagree that it's OCD to worry about this. Those chips are nasty dirty. I read an article about a lab that tested casino chips, and they found substantial amounts of wonderful things like snot, feces, and urine on the chips.

What do you do about it? Basically, use common sense and otherwise don't worry too much. Common sense to me means:

- Don't eat at the table
- Don't touch your mouth and nose
- Wash your hands when it's reasonable, and definitely don't eat before washing well.

Handling chips in a casino is kinda like running your hands on the floor of the mens room. It's not likely to kill you, but... I don't understand how people eat finger food at the poker table.

Response from Lisa HolmesRe: How to not get the black death from nasty poker chips  You cannot always control who has handled the chips previously, or how they were handled.  You cannot always leave a table when a player sneezes.  Since you cannot control behaviors, you have to control the surface that the germ lands on, the contaminator that you may come in contact    with.  Why not make the poker chips out of antimicrobial plastic?  See my patent:  Oh, and if you win, you can throw me a chip or two!!  Good luck!

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