Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Clean Your Credit Cards

How to Rid Your Purse of Bacteria & Clean Your Credit Cards

How many of us think about the germs that are in our purses or pocketbooks? Even more so how many of us take the time to clean them? 

A scientist ran some tests on a mother of two, a single woman, and a woman executive's purse. In the mother of two he found bacteria that would be found in bathrooms and toilets. This particular bacteria would cause nausea and vomiting. 

The second, a single woman he found she had cocaine residue on her money and fecal matter on her credit cards. The third was the worst. He found a bacteria that was related to meningitis. With the executive he found that she was constantly interacting with others and she was the most contaminated.

Here are a few tips to cut down on the germs.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti Bacterial Wipes
  • alcohol
  • Q-Tips
    • 1

      Empty your purse once a week and wipe the inside of your purse or wallet with an anti-bacterial wipe. You can also use cotton balls and a little alcohol for leather. Do not use the alcohol on colors.
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      Repeat the process on your wallet or any pouches you might use for coupons or make up. Get rid of any expired Make-up. Do not share your make-up. Dip the tips of your lipsticks in alcohol. Gently take the top layers off any powdered make-up with a q-tip.
    • 3

      Gently wipe down your credit card with a cloth and a little soapy water not to touch the scan on the back of the card. 
      There is not much you can do with the money but you can wipe down your change. It seems extreme but think about all the people that handle the money before you get it. Try and get new bills when possible from the bank.
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      Last just be conscience of where you place your purse. You should never put it on the floor. Keep some travel size hand sanitizer with you.
How to Rid Your Purse of BacteriaBy drenee 


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