Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dr.Oz: bacteria lurks on your credit cards

Dr. Oz's All-Star Advice: bacteria lurks on your credit cards 

Suzanne's Purse: I've got something Suze's really excited about: your credit card. It's been used a lot. She wants to cut it, and I've got a medical reason to. 

Dr. OzIt has something called enterococcus in it. When you have good guy bacteria protecting you, that's fine. But if you've got too much enterococcus, and if it's on your credit card, it gets into the numbers, gets into those digits, and it lives there....that can go to your heart. It can cause infections of some of the major organs in the body.

It's easy to deal with. You just clean it with an alcohol pad. You clean your credit cards off. You don't have to do it every time you go shopping, but once in a while. 

Remember, they're scooping credit cards through those machines. You've got to assume you're touching the hands of hundreds of people when you get your credit card.

From: Episode 1

OWN TV  |  January 03, 2011

Antimicrobial credit card information | Patent holder:Lisa Holmes   


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