Thursday, February 10, 2011

How long can cold or flu germs live on hard surfaces?

Q. How long can cold or flu germs live in counters, doorknobs and other hard surfaces?
A. 72 hours. Some germs can live three days or longer on hard surfaces. That's why it's so important to disinfect surfaces like countertops, sinks, phones, TV remotes, plastic and hard surfaces often. 

Q. What is the percentage of germs spread through touching of surfaces?
A. 80%. That's why it's so important to clean surfaces often with disinfectants that can help prevent the spread of germs. Be sure to clean your hands, too!

Q. Before you cough or sneeze you should...?
A. Turn away from other people and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve; not into your hands! If you do sneeze or cough into a tissue, drop the used tissues into the trash and then clean your hands.


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